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Lindsey’s new single “Underground” is part of a new album that Lindsey is currently on called “Artemis”. Her new album is set for a September release. I will post more news about the album when it becomes available. I’ve added more promotional images from the new album and screen captures from the music video “Underground”.


Hey guys! Lindsey’s new song and music video for Underground will be released later today. Stay tuned for the video and the screen captures.

Endgame of Thrones

Lindsey latest video has been released. It’s a mashup of Endgame and Game of Thrones.

Captures from the video are in the gallery. Stay tuned for more video captures and more amazing photos of Lindsey.

Music » Music Videos » Endgame of Thrones – War of Music (2019)


Gallery Updates

Hey Lindsey fans, the gallery has been updated with the following images:

What Child is This? Caps

Screen captures are now up in the gallery.

Studio Albums » Warmer in the Winter » What Child Is This? – Captures